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Must Luv Dogs LLC
Canine Grooming
TOY ( 1 - 15 lbs)- $55. 
SMALL (16 - 30 lbs) - $55.00
MEDIUM (31 - 50 lbs) - $75.00
LARGE (51 - 60 lbs) - $75.00 
EXTRA LARGE (61 lbs and up) - $100.00 
​if a pet is matted its an additional $20
Must Luv Dogs Services
At 610 Pet Lodge, our innovative staff are experienced professional groomers that do great summer cuts, but can also do funky stylish cuts along with hair dying for cats and dogs. Now you and your beloved pet can have matching rock-star haircuts. 
Feline Grooming
Felines: $75.00
Additional Services
Reg. Bath $20.00
Medicated Bath $30.00
Flea bath- $45
Nail Trimming $15.00  
Nail Trimming (Drimmel) $15.00 

(We can be administered here):

Dogs: DAPP- veterinarian's protocol, Rabies-1-3 years
Bordetella every 12 mos.

Please email documentation or bring them in person:


no faxing